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Like many forms of craft, paper quilling can trace its origins back hundreds of years to at least the 15th century (maybe earlier). It is believed to have been created by French and Italian nuns and used to replace the costly gold filigree in creating of decorative objects. When the paper quilling was gilded, it was hard to distinguish from metal, making it a good option for struggling churches.

Paper quilling had its heyday in England during the 18th century. It, in addition to embroidery, was considered a “proper pastime” for young women and was taught in boarding schools, as well as to “ladies of leisure” because it was seen as not too “taxing” for them.

All up until the 21st century, quilling technique was, more or less, the same. Then the unbelievable 3-D figures and museum installations brought it to a new level. 

Today it represents an interesting hobby, a fun activity and relaxation, but in some pieces you can recognize real works of art. Quilling is widely used in child care or schools because it helps develop fine motorics and encourages creative spirit.

This is why we, in Quilidreta, chose this technique particularly to manifest our creativity and bring it closer to you.

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